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Healthy Eating News: 7 Weeks In, How's Your New Year Resolution Working Out?

The healthy eating and weight loss industries are very cyclical. The high season starts the day after Christmas, peaks on January 1st for about a week, and then slowly declines for several months. So, while every publication and blog writes about new year resolutions in early January, you'll rarely find any mention beyond that short window of time.

That's why we've decided to check in with you and see how things are going. If you recall, there are 3 components to succeeding with a resolution: it has to be quantifiable, feasible, and piecemeal. You need to set measurable goals such as losing 10 pounds, or running 5 miles. You need to set goals that are achievable or else you'll get discouraged. Lastly, breaking a big goal into smaller targets increase the chances of success.

By now, you may have achieved a milestone or two on your way to the ultimate goal. Conversely, things may have not gone as smoothly as you planned. Life happens, there are unexpected events, we may get sick, or need to attend urgent matters at home or work.

Setbacks should not discourage you. Take the time to look back on the last month and a half. Celebrate your successes and try to figure out what went wrong. Was your timeline too aggressive? Were the mini-goals still too hard to achieve? Once you understand what derailed you, you can recalibrate your plan. No matter what, keep pushing forward.

How's your New Years resolution holding up? Comment below

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