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Healthy Meal Plan Delivery Miami

Good afternoon. This is chef Rudy Ramos for let's go help in Miami. I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity and serving you on your family. We're coming for you today, um, from a local source that I buy products and I hope you enjoy the food and services that we provide to you all on a daily basis. Let's go help in Miami was born seven years ago as an inspiration to me in healthy eating as I personally did for myself and family. I was overweight most of my life by educating myself in chef school. I lived this meal plan for me and my family, believe it or not, seven years ago before creating the company. Let's go Healthy in Miami by educating myself. I also educate you my clients in healthy, healthy eating by providing you top quality products, organic and ready products. We've been around for seven years serving the community as a Cuban American chef.

I like to blend my menu, Cuban and American food with a healthy twist using top quality products, organic great products. For example, I provide you my menu arroz y pollo with Brown rice, at low calories. We also do meat balls. We also do meatballs and so on was go through our site and look at our sample menu to give you more of an idea what we provide you for. Avoid information about our services, some products you can contact me personally at (786) 509-2402 or visit our website, we are also on Instagram on Facebook. I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family in advance. Thank you.

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