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New Years Posible Resolution

This time, I'm really gonna lose weight. Seriously."

Perhaps you will. But the odds aren't stacked in your favor. The most popular New Year's resolution is broken. It didn't work last year, or the year before that. So why try again and again?

Often, a resolution is something you feel you "should do", but don't really want to. It's too amorphic, lacks detail, and is easy to rationally dismiss when the going gets tough.

Is it any wonder that success rates are so low?

Here is a checklist that will increase your chances of success.

Love yourself and be realistic

First, love your body no matter what.

Next, set a goal that you can actually attain.

Remind yourself that if your goal isn't feasible, you're setting yourself up for failure. You'll be miserable. Not everyone can run a 4-minute mile. Not everyone can fit into a small dress.

So what! Who cares?

Remind yourself - you are beautiful no matter what numbers say.

Quantify your goal

Define just one specific target. Good examples of quantifiable goals:

• "I will lose 25 pounds in one year"

• "I will drink no more than one soft drink a week"

• "I'll weigh 130 by Spring Break"

• "I'll fit in my skinny jeans by June."

Being specific makes it easier to picture the result, and the steps needed to get there. Specificity helps you break your goal down into action items.

Small, consistent steps

Losing 30 pounds and keeping them off for good is a very lofty goal. Getting there can take you months or even years to achieve. During that time, there will be moments of doubt, days where the scale moves in the wrong direction, and other unpleasant surprises.

Breaking your goal down into 5 pound installments can be extremely motivating. Instead of waiting 6 months for success, within a matter of weeks you can attain your first milestone. Each small victory will act as a big motivator and keep you on track.

Your environment has a huge impact

Constant exposure to temptation will weaken even the the most motivated person. One of the foundations of American consumerism is the constant lure of nutrient poor calories.

Reducing the temptation can be achieved in multiple ways:

• Clear out your pantry and remove unhealthy foods and beverages

• Shop for groceries online. This will reduce the risk of impulse buying of unwanted junk food. Covid-19 has shown us that this online grocery shopping is feasible.

• Create a list of healthy snacks you like. Make sure they are always on hand when munchies strike. Trail mix, apples, bananas, almonds, popcorn etc.

• Prepping home cooked meals in advance for a week so that you won't need to eat out or order takeaway.

Be accountable to yourself, and others

Motivation is hard to maintain over time. When we are accountable to others, motivation increases. Here are some ideas:

• Find a diet buddy that you can openly communicate with several times a day. In real life, or online.

• Be part of a weight loss community - whether online or in-person

• Weigh yourself every morning and record the number. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you are up or down on a given day. A 3-4 week trend is what counts.

• Use an app to journal your food and exercise. Even if you don't enter every single food, you'll be mindful to watching what you eat.

How do you plan to succeed this year?

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