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Tips for Autumn Weight Loss

Look outside, and you'll see signs of autumn everywhere—the falling leaves, the shorter days, the crisp chill of fresh air. With Halloween behind us, and the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to continue crushing your health goals.  We're sharing 6 Tips for Autumn Weight Loss to keep you on track. 

1. Maintain a Routine

Routines offer consistency, a plan, a sense of what to do (or not to do) next. Without the excuse of vacations or holidays, it's easier to get into a good rhythm of cooking, eating, sleeping, and exercising. Create a routine that you know you can stick to—anything too aspirational that does not align with where you are in this moment of your health journey may only cause frustration. Start simply, then build from there. 

2. Get Outside

Autumn weather lends itself beautifully to outdoor exercise. It's not too sunny, hot, or humid, and yet not too cold to keep you indoors. Find time during the week for morning or mid-day walks. Weekends can be spent hiking, biking, or even going to an orchard to pick apples. 

3. Get Cooking

Soup season is here! When the weather cools down, the kitchen is almost immediately more inviting. The oven can warm the house, and stirring a homemade soup on the stovetop is a warm and cozy task. Start your day with slow-cooked steel oats with a slight drizzle of maple syrup. For lunch and dinners, roasted root vegetables make for a tasty dish, and squash soups with a dash of cayenne pepper will really kick things up. 

4. Get more sleep

As the days get shorter, your body will naturally wind down earlier in the day. Take advantage of the early evenings and get more sleep. Not only does sleeping at least 7 hours a night correlate with better overall health, but feeling rested makes it easier to resist sugary temptations the next day.

5. Avoid Pumpkin Spice Products

Don't do it! This well-loved, well-Instagrammed phenomenon is a marketing ploy. A medium-sized "PSL" from that coffee purveyor has 390 calories, 50g of sugar, and 14g of fat. Avoiding consuming empty liquid calories is one of the top rules when changing your eating habits.

6. Use Aromatics

Did you know that fragrances can affect your food cravings? Cooler weather means drier air, which sucks the moisture out of your skin. Try using a good quality hand cream with a light & fragrant scent to help quell after-dinner cravings and keep your hands soft. 

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