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"I Can't Afford Healthy Food" and Other Diet Lies We Tell Ourselves

"I Can't Afford Healthy Food"

Happy Monday and welcome back from the weekend, a 48-hour vacation that some people take not just from work, but also from eating healthy. This often happens when the "diet" we are on is too restrictive.

How do we justify the transgressions to ourselves? By telling ourselves little lies. Here are some common ones, feel free to comment and add some of your own. Healthy eating Miami.

"I can't Afford Healthy Food". This is a classic. "It's not my fault I can't lose the weight, have you seen how expensive kale is?" This is hogwash. If you are willing to invest the time in cooking for yourself or find an affordable healthy meal plan, eating healthy can be very affordable. If you're willing to stop spending on junk food, you can do just fine. For example, by quitting carbonated soft drinks and switching to tap water, you can save $400 a year for a family of 4.

"I'm allowed to cheat a little". Cheating is a terrible word when it comes to diets and healthful eating. It implies that some foods are not allowed and that you are not ok if you eat them. Once you do "cheat", you feel bad about it, and then decide to quit your diet. Instead of "cheating", make sure that your healthy, sustainable eating plan has room for a few indulgences during the week.

"I'll get back to my diet right after _________".  We've all been there. We diet for a certain period of time, and then life happens, and we're flat-lining on the scale for several weeks. Motivation drops, temptations abound, and pretty soon the numbers are going up instead of down. We tell ourselves that at some future date we'll get back on the plan, but until that day arrives, the pounds pile on.

What if, instead of being on a diet, you simple changed the way you eat forever? Instead of torturing yourself by severely restricting calories, opt for healthier food, more vegetables and fruits, and a much slower rate of weight loss than through crash diets. It may take you longer to get to your desired dress size, but you'll be able to stay there for much, much longer once you do.

"I just quit smoking". Smoking helps curb one's appetite, even if just though the psychological act of putting something in your mouth instead of food. That's how many people who quit justify their weight gain. However, quitting leads to higher irritability and stress, and these are 2 factors associated with an increase in consumption of junk food. Understanding this and preparing your fridge and cupboard in advance with healthy snacks can help you avoid what seems to be unavoidable.

What lies have you told yourself in the past that prevented you from progressing on your health journey?

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